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Arminius House Logo, 2014
Arminius House's A Logo, 2014

Jacob Arminius House is the vision to build/own an Internationally recognisable and sizeable facility to house and be the Head Quarters of the EdenPromise Community of Called Out Believers. It is unlikely the facility would 'look' as it does in our [[Arminius House Conceptual Designs|conceptual designs] - these were designed to give a 'feel' for the size and breadth of the project as well as description in pictorial format of the needs for such a property as well as the facilities within that will be required by the point of needing the fully-fledged facility. It is also likely that Arminius House would go through many 'stages' before final 'development' to the full envisioned facility.


Arminius House will probably start as a small office before relocating to larger offices as the need arises.


Arminius House will move into a location that once used as a residential school, hospital, manor house, abbey, priory or the like. It is unlikely that planning permission anywhere in the UK would be given for such a large development without excessive waste of finances. Having said this. The one 'waste' of finances, as part of the vision is to construct the Continuing Reformation Wall, which would include 'statues' of it's namesake Jacob Arminius as well as other leading continuing reformers such as John Wesley and Francis Asbury, as well as more contemporary continuing reformers such as Roger Olson and the late David Wilkerson


Arminius House will require various facilities includes Wilkerson Central Hall; The Ravenhill Prayer Centre and the Roger Olson Hall and other features.


The Bridge at Arminius House is based on the Star Trek Voyager Design and comprises many important features to managing and maintaining the EdenPromise Community and Arminius House.

Leonard Ravenhill
David Wilkerson


Wilkerson Central Hall is named for the late David Wilkerson of Times Square Church, NYC, and features the primary halls of the Colleges of Vision Pastors; Care Pastors; Lead Pastors; Theological Pastors; Elders; Deacons; the College of Trustees and the Colleges of Emeritus, as well as the Central Assembly and the EdenPromise International Council.


Named for the late Leonard Ravenhill, the Ravenhill Prayer Centre features various Prayer Facilities including but not limited to a branch of The United Houses of Prayer International; PRAYERLife Ministries, as well as Prayer Grottos, Prayer Halls.

Dr. Roger E Olson
Francis Asbury


Named after Roger Olson this facility is the home of the EdenPromise School of Ministry or EdenPromise SoM. Featuring Lecture Facilities, Staff and Student Rooms, a vast library, conference rooms and a state-of-the-art IT and Media Suite.


Asbury Hall is named after Francis Asbury and is home to our Adult Education Facilities.

John Wesley, painting by William Hamilton
Charles Wesley painting


Wesley Hall is in two parts - the first is the John Wesley Centre for Ministry - a facility that includes Social Care (RE:Sourced Ministries; BreakThrough Ministries and the like). The Second is the Charles Wesley Centre for Praise & Worship and is features training for young and old in music, as well as housing our in house Recording Label, EdenPromise Worship and the associated Nazarite Media Group.

Hugo Grotius
Richard Watson


Grotius Wing features predominantly administrative offices as well as, most poignantly, a legal Centre - out in-house legal advisers, as well as our social outreach Pro-bono Legal Service, in honour of it's namesake Hugo Grotius


Watson House, named for Richard Watson is the home of the EdenPromise Residential Centre for Student and Nazarite Accommodation.

Donald-Ian Murchison and Peter-Edmund Conroy, as Pastor Conroy's 24th Birthday
John Miley (pictured on the far right)


Murchison's named for personal friend of Rev. Pastor Peter-Edmund Conroy, Donald-Ian Murchison, who together studied at Highland Theological College, Donald-Ian was famed for his hospitality amongst students, and in honour of his friendship, Rev. Pastor Conroy asked that the EdenPromise "Hotel" be called Murchison's - featuring a hospitality suite for Guests.


Named for John Miley. "The Mile" is a residence for the homeless within the grounds of Arminius House.

Albert C Outler
John H Armstrong


Outler's named for Albert C Outler is the EdenPromise rooftop & Terrace Restaurant and Cafe.


The John H Armstrong Centre for Missional Ecumenicism provides facilities, training and offices to increase ecumenical dialogue and work towards fostering Missional ecumenicism and ecumenical relationships. Named after Dr John H Armstrong.

Plaque at John Wesley's first Chapel: The New Room


The New Room is named for the first Methodist Church in the United Kingdom, also called The New Room and houses the EdenPromise International Community Minster as well as some smaller Chapels, including a Communities Marriage Chapel.


Artists Impression of The Continuing Reformation Wall

The Continuing Reformation is memorialised in a special wall of statues to rival Reformation Wall,Geneva. It features a empty symbolically central plinth, as well as two empty plinths either side of the 17 plinths for future additions, yet to be decided/announced.

Plinth Number One

This empty plinth is required to be left for 50 years, after which the EPIC will announce who the plinth is for. There is space to have a further three outside of this one - further away from the Centre, these future plinths are designed to be left for 50 year periods.* Empty Future Plinth Number 3 - Required to be empty for 200 years.* Empty Future Plinth Number 2 - Required to be empty for 150 years.* Empty Future Plinth Number 1 - Required to be empty for 100 years.* Empty Plinth Number 1 - Required to be empty for 50 years (Nearest Centre).After Plinth Number One there is a one-plinth space before the first block of plinths (Plinths 2, 3 and 4)

Plinths Two, Three and Four

Plinth Number Two, next one in from the Empty Plinth Number One, contains a statue of Roger Olson; the next plinth in from Olson's Plinth is, Leonard Ravenhill's plinth, followed by plinth number four, belonging to a statue of Stanley HauerwasAfter this first block of plinths is a one-plinth space before the second block of plinths (Plinths 5, 6 and 7)

Plinths Five, Six and Seven

Plinth Five holds a statue of John Miley, Plinth Six a statue of William Burt Pope and finally Plinth Seven holds a statue of Francis Asbury.

Central Five Plinths

Plinth Seven is followed by a one-plinth space before the third and central block of five plinths (8, 9, 10, 11, and 12)

Plinths Eight and Nine

Plinth Eight belongs to Hugo Grotius, whilst the namesake of Arminianism, Jacob Arminius, is the statue belonging to the Ninth plinth, which sits next to the Symbolically Empty Central Plinth.

The Central Plinth

The Central Plinth (Plinth 10) belongs to a plaque which reads simply:

This plinth is 'empty' to remind us that God, not man, is the focus of Arminian Theology, that Christ who died and rose-again and ascended into heaven is the author & perfector of our faith and centre of our faith.

Plinths Eleven and Twelve

The Eleventh Plinth, the other side of the Central Plinth is host to the founder of Wesleyan Arminianism and co-founder of the Methodist Movement - John Wesley, the twelfth and thus outer of the central plinths is the statue of John's brother and co-founder of the Methodist Movement, known for his classic songs, and overwhelming unmatched contribution to praise and worship, Charles Wesley The Central Block of Plinths is followed by a space before the next block of three plinths (13, 14 and 14).

Plinths Thirteen, Fourteen and Fifteen

Plinth Thirteen, the inner plinth of the 13-15 block of plinths, is graced by a statue of Richard Watson, the central of this block of plinths, and plinth number fourteen, is the home of Albert C Outler's statue, the fifteen plinth which is followed by a one-plinth space is the resting place of a statue in honour of Henry Orton Wiley.

Plinths Sixteen, Seventeen and Eighteen

After the one-plinth space, that follows plinth fifteen, is plinth sixteen, home of the Thomas C Oden statue, followed by David Wilkerson's statue on plinth seventeen, the final filled plinth (plinth eighteen) is filled by a statue of the I Howard Marshall, following this is a one-plinth space and then plinth nineteen.

Empty Plinth Nineteen

Like the first empty plinth there is a required time limit on the length of emptiness for this plinth, to be decided by the Colleges of Emeritus. This currently stands at 75 years. There is space for three outer plinths following plinth 19, each with a 50 year required emptiness between them, again to be decided by the Colleges of Emeritus.

  • Empty Plinth Ninteen - Required to be empty for 75 years.
  • Future Empty Plinth Twenty - Required to be empty for 125 years.
  • Future Empty Plinth Twenty-One - Required to be empty for 175 years.
  • Future Empty Plinth Twenty-Two - Required to be empty for 225 years.

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