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The EdenPromise Community of Called Out Believers International have submitted their request to join The Ancient Future Faith Network and are awaiting the process of their application, details on the network are below, and details on the application are to follow. EPC International has already signed 'The Call'.


This section is taken directly from the official website of the The Ancient Future Faith Network and can be read in it's entirety on their About Us page.

The vision of the Ancient-Future Faith Network (AFFN) is to grow and facilitate a grassroots network of like-minded Christian individuals and churches— Evangelicals with a longing to return to classic Christian orthodoxy, orthopraxy, and a hunger for renewal in the worship and spirituality of the church.

At its core is Bob Webber’s 2006 “Call to an Ancient-Evangelical Future.” We also confess the historic, orthodox faith of the Christian church as testified to by the Holy Scriptures, faithfully handed down by the apostles, and valiantly defended by the Fathers, most especially in the ancient ecumencial Creeds. But the association is not so much about doctrinal bona fides as it is about mutual encouragement and resourcing. The very heart of the Network is its members. Our desire is that members will find in this virtual community of faith a vibrant place for interaction.

This Network:

  • Is purposefully ecumenical and non-denominational.
  • Exists for the purpose of championing and promulgating a Christian Ancient-Future theology and philosophy.
  • Is open to men and women around the world— both ministers and lay persons— inside and outside of established churches who are interested in worship renewal and what it means to be Ancient-Future.
  • Exists for established churches, and people who serve them, who want access to Ancient-Future materials, resources, and ideas, and want to learn from, share, and collaborate with those who are using them.
  • Exists for brand new church starts, and those called to start them, who need a network of encouraging, like-minded communities of faith.
  • Promotes and coordinate conferences, workshops, and offer appropriate resources and materials consistent with the mission of the AFFN.


The Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and is led by a Board of Directors. The AFFN has recently expanded the leadership to include an Advisory Board headed up by Network member Ron Richardson and its advisors will be drawn from members. Apart from serving in a general advisory capacity, the panel will also help reach out to, resource, and support incoming members.


This section is taken directly from the official website of the The Ancient Future Faith Network and can be read in it's entirety on their History page. The Ancient-Future Faith Network sprang up from the grassroots, from genuine need, and from the hearts of many whose passion unites them in a desire to come together in a common vision. It also started when many of those same individuals, in early 2010, sensed that the Holy Spirit was especially at work in the renewing of the evangelical church and her worship.

In Sacramento, California, He led a group of believers who were admirers of the late Robert E. Webber, and his many calls for renewal, to form “Epiclesis: An Ancient-Future Faith Community”, the first-ever church start built from the ground up on those principles. They eventually called Chris Alford, a graduate of the Webber Institute’s inaugural Alpha class of doctoral students, to be their lead pastor. As that group began their ministry, they became increasingly aware that the Spirit was stirring in similar ways in the lives of men and women, both in and outside of established church settings, across the United States, and from other parts of the world.

The leadership at Epiclesis began hearing from like-minded people every week— sometimes daily— who hungered for depth in worship, for a spirituality that would link them with countless generations of believers before them, and who desired to walk out their baptisms in a community that would call them to live an authentic faith. A vision began to immerge, especially in the heart of Chris Alford and a small team of Epiclesis elders, to prayerfully consider whether the Spirit might want to build a kind of network to connect to like-minded people.

That’s why we’re here— that’s the motivation behind the Ancient-Future Faith Network: Our desire is to reach out in hospitality to share with and encourage those who may be working on common ground and walking down a common road.

Our purpose is to foster the worship of God; to build and promote a network and association of like-minded individuals and churches; to organize and provide Ancient-Future resources and training; to particularly promote the 2006 “Call to an Ancient-Evangelical Future” championed by Robert Webber; and more generally to promote and encourage the knowledge and practice of Ancient-Future theology, worship, spirituality, and ecclesiology.

We aim, as “The Call” says it, to promote “ongoing, open-ended conversations,” and take as our principal purpose and reason for being the words recorded in that document’s Epilogue: “In sum, we call Evangelicals to recover the conviction that God’s story shapes the mission of the Church to bear witness to God’s Kingdom and to inform the spiritual foundations of civilization…. We pray that we can move with intention to proclaim a loving, transcendent, triune God who has become involved in our history. In line with Scripture, creed and tradition, it is our deepest desire to embody God’s purposes in the mission of the Church through our theological reflection, our worship, our spirituality and our life in the world, all the while proclaiming that Jesus is Lord over all creation.”


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