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The EdenPromise Community of Called Out Believers is signed up to The Ancient Future Faith Network's The Call as we as the aims, goals and statement of faith of The Society of Evangelical Arminians, the later's website can be found at EvangelicalArminians.org. Their application to become Members of The Ancient Future Faith Network is in progress.


The EdenPromise Community of Called Out Believers first began in September 2010, led by Pastor Peter-Edmund Thomas Conroy. Although the first community in Haverhill, Suffolk, England lasted a few short months (until August 2011) it empowered a small group of young people to go to new and different Churches and see radical change.

The Apply2Life Church

Aged just 16, Peter-Edmund was asked to support a friend in starting a small home group, in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England after three months the main man left, leaving Peter-Edmund to build the Church himself, Apply2Life grew from a membership of 5 people to a little over 50 people in less than a year, but after much prayer, Peter-Edmund felt it was time to move on, he put it to a membership vote and a resounding majority agreed to join a heavily established Baptist Church. Peter-Edmund Conroy stepped down and the community, its youngest member at 16 (Peter-Edmund) and it's eldest member (64) was restricted to just young adults, becoming a ministry of the Baptist Church, the older members left and went to other Churches. Peter-Edmund left his home-town of Bury St Edmunds, moving to Stowmarket, Suffolk, England - he received a card from the Baptist Church Pastor (installed as Pastor just a week before Peter-Edmund left Bury St Edmunds), thanking him for his contribution to the Baptist Churches community, and wishing him well in his future Church ministries. He was previously commissioned by leaders at his 'home-church' - West Suffolk Vineyard, for Ministry out-of the Vineyard. He was also prayed for and commissioned for Ministry by Evangelist, and Elder Victor Jack of West Road Church, a former Brethren Church.

The International House of Prayer International - Kansas City, Mission Base

In February 2010, Peter-Edmund was called by God via strange co-incidence to visit the International House of Prayer International in Kansas City, whilst there he received a 4-day extensive vision from God, to build communities, very different but with similar features to the International House of Prayer (or IHOP-KC) in Kansas City. Whilst at IHOP-KC Peter-Edmund was commissioned for ministry by several, then, key leaders at IHOP-KC.

The United Houses of Prayer International

Upon this vision, with a friend Whitney Hahn, Peter-Edmund Thomas Conroy would establish the United Houses of Prayer International. In conversation with a Christian Leader Dr. John H. Armstrong who sent Peter-Edmund a copy of his latest book Your Church Is To Small - a book which would add theological weight to the vision to establish The United Houses of Prayer International Communities. In Discussing God's plans with a Christian mentor, Peter-Edmund was introduced to Internationally renowned minister Sven Levin (who it happens was key in praying over Mike Bickle, founder of IHOP-KC) who prayed over and commissioned Peter-Edmund for Ministry.


Peter-Edmund was later accepted as a Pastor by Times Square Church, New York City then under Pastor Carter Conlon, but founded by one of Peter-Edmund's personal hero's the Reverend David Wilkinson

The Foundations

In August 2010, Pastor Conroy received in dreams, via visions and promptings of the Holy Spirit a full-plan for the EdenPromise Community, which was repeated several times to clarify any human errors, heavily weighed against scripture and tested by 12 different Christian leaders.

The Second EdenPromise Community

In August and September 2011, Pastor Conroy left Suffolk and proceeded to Ayrshire, Scotland - where he would toil and strive to build the next EdenPromise Community, always knowing that God was saying 'Not Yet'. In July 2012, Rev. Pastor Conroy was called to study theology and left to attend HIGHLAND THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE in September 2012.

The Third EdenPromise Community

The Third EdenPromise Community was to be led by Rev. Pastor Conroy, in a friends home, and was set for launch in October 2013, but due to unfortunate circumstances the launch was unable to continue.

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